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   What a free payday loan means is that the payday loan provider does not charge a finance charge for the loan. Free payday loan is usually a one time offer and there are very few companies who give such loans. The first time you apply for a payday loan from these companies, they give you a free payday loan. This is an incentive to use their services for your payday loan needs. Listed below are the free payday loan providers that I know of.


Free Payday Loan from Mypaydayloan  free payday loan from mypaydayloan

   Mypaydayloan provides free payday loan to first time customers. The added advantage with Mypaydayloan is that subsequent loans will be no faxing payday loan. Only the first time, when you are applying do you need to fax in documents. After the free payday loan, Mypayday loan charges $25 for every $100 borrowed on subsequent payday loans. You can take out $300 for the first time and then onwards $500. Mypaydayloan  also gives you the provision to extend the cash advance and they have been around for more than five years..


Free Payday Loan from National Payday  Free Payday Loan from National Payday

       National Payday also provides a free payday loan the first time you apply for a payday loan. There are no credit checks and the first loan can be up to $300. Subsequent loans can be up to $500. National payday requires that you have a checking account with no bounced checks in the past 2 months. After the first loan, for the subsequent loans they charge you $25 for every $100 borrowed. You also need to be currently employed and must earn $1000 per month.

Free Payday Loan from Internet Payday  Free Payday Loan from Internet Payday

       Another option for free payday loan is Internet Payday. The free payday loan is for first time customers. They do not give much detail about it on their website. For the free payday loan application, you need to send them email or call their customer service. For subsequent loans they charge $25 for every $100 borrowed. Internet payday seems to need more documents than the other companies.

   As competition increases, there more payday loan companies will start offering free payday loan. I plan to keep updating this list as I come across first time free payday loan websites. If you know of one which gives such a loan, please inform me so that I can keep the list of free payday loan companies up to date.




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